About Me - stevehostetlerphotography

Steve Hostetler is a photographer living in Aurora, Colorado.   He has been interested in photography in one form or another since he was 10 years old.  Over the years he went from using an old plastic camera camera that used 120 roll film that he got at Shakey's Pizza ...to a GAF 110 camera, to his father's Ricoh SLR.  Steve is entirely self taught.    He learned the basics of photography using a Pentax K1000  with no more features than a built in light meter, so learning the fundamentals was the only way since there was no Photoshop or Digital technology to assist.  He learned through a hands on approach.  Even today, with highly technical Digital SLR Cameras, he still shoots almost exclusively in full manual mode.  "What makes a "Photographer" is not the camera equipment, but the person's eye, and ability manipulate light to create the image he sees in his mind and that takes an understanding of Light, "Film" speed, Aperture and Shutter Speed".  

Steve's portraiture focuses on capturing the "life" in his subjects.  
"It's a matter of capturing light just the right way in their eyes". 

He has a particular love for live music photography and is currently the event photographer for KYGO Radio in Denver, and shoots most of the country music shows that come through the Denver area.  

Steve has been using Nikon Professional SLRs and DSLRs since the mid 90's and processes his images using Macintosh computers.   He uses Adobe Lightroom to process and catalog his work and Photoshop Elements 9, if an image needs more than light adjustment.   He also uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing in some cases to produce more dramatic, eye catching images.   Most prints are processed using a Fuji Metallic paper. 

If you have questions about Steve, please feel free to reach out to him using the "Contact" link above or at info@stevehostetler.com

Photo Credit: Dianne Noda for Studio Noda ©2014